Quick Easy Steps to Bring Instant Top Rank for Google My Business

Are you a local business? if yes then you must have heard about the Google Business Listing or Google Maps Listing. In this blog we will be discussing few key points to keep your rankings alive in the 1st page listing under the Maps.

As per the latest Google Survey Nearly 82% of the internet users browse the net on their mobile phones to search for local businesses.

Google Survey

Remember, if you are not on top then you are not in the competition too. Google maps ranking is a very intricate component of the local SEO. Before discussing the quick steps, let me brief you the ranking factors.

  • Backlink profile
  • Domain age
  • Website’s technical SEO
  • Name, address, and profile (NAP) on the website
  • Depth and comprehensiveness of content
  • Number and quality of citations

60% of Americans use Smartphone and tablets to search for local products and services. Several tried and ethical practices are there and applying them can drive your business to the top of the Google Maps search results.

Here Are the Steps to Be On The Top Of the Google Maps Search Results

Get your Google My Business Page verified

Verification is very important for being on the top of the Google Map searches. You must verify your business from Google. Once you will register your business with Google, they will send you a verification code. You must enter the code to Google my business page to make your business a verified one.

Remember, the more Google will know about your business, it will be better to display your business listing online. However, do not provide any duplicate information or business hours. Else, Google will discredit your business.

Keywords are important in GMB too

The traffic will come from the searches. Specific keywords people use to search. Therefore, one must not forget to optimise the keywords while registering your business in Google maps. Use the specific keywords in the descriptions, about section of the business site. It will help the Google algorithm to search your business.

While using the keywords, try to put mobile friendly keywords. Most of the mobile keywords are short and used to have a phrase like “near me”. While you will optimise the Local GMB listing, you must keep these things in your mind too.

You can check the keywords that your competitors used.You can pick the keyword with which they are ranking and use those keywords by modifying it. You can use a keyword planner to find the related keywords of those, which your client has used.

Categorise your business

You can add a primary industry from the category when you are setting the business. It will describe your business offering. However, often people face issues when it comes to adding multiple categories. Most of the people are not aware that one can add multiple subcategories.

Website Rank influences GMB ranks

The GMB, which has websites at a good position in organic search results, have the chance to be on the top more. Therefore, you must focus on the optimising the H1, title and Meta descriptions.Try to include the area name, business category, and business name in the website tags.

As pointed out in the start, most of the people are using Smartphone to do local searches. Therefore, you must focus on the responsiveness of your site too.

Using the optimised description can help you a lot when it comes to being on the top of the GMB listings. Another way you can implement is by embedding Google map on your site. Embedding the map on your website tells Google the location of your business.

Therefore, you can understand the importance of having a website also.

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Final words

Apart from these mentioned proven methods, several other strategies are there. One can apply those strategies also to get ranks. However, it is difficult for a business to go further the base level of optimising their Google Maps Listing. It is better to hire a Digital Marketing Expert to get your job done. The key to getting instant top rank for Google My Business is by placing your business information better than your competitors place.