How Can You Boost An E-Commerce Site With Power Pack Content Marketing Strategy In 2019?

Content is King……….. An old but a very powerful quote by Bill Gates.

Truly, a well-optimised content can do splendid work. It can boost any business. Great content is not only a visual treat but also a useful tool to increase your traffic, sales and revenue.

Good content can engage your audience with you. A connection you make is essential for the success of any e-commerce business. 

A fully connected customer is 50% more valuable than of a highly satisfied customer.

Therefore, you can understand that the value of being connected with your customer. Remember a stat of says that 70% of the customer will know about your business through the articles rather than an advertisement.

Remember that the key is to know the way a customer buys. To help your business let us explain with this funnel.

To get more traffic, you can create some contents for all these stages of the funnels. Remember the conversion of your visitor into customer proceeds through basic steps as follows:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Decision

You need to create content for all these stages.

However, the question is what strategy to follow to get the desired result?

5 Basic Changes You Must Do In Your Content Marketing Strategy

Try to tell a story, People love it

E-commerce based content marketing has evolved from its origin. If your focus is to engage with your customer, go for storytelling. People love to hear stories. You have to collect a series of stories. These stories will engage your audience and drive to make a decision.

Therefore, you can see proper storytelling can aware your audience about your brand, help them to consider and finally to take a decision. However, before that you need to focus on the followings:

  • Who are my customers?
  • What do they care about?
  • How do our products help them?
  • What is our story?
  • Why do we do what we do?
  • Why should anyone care?
  • What is the message?

While focusing on these perspectives, I am sure that your content marketing strategy will be a hit. Remember, your story must have a compelling appeal. It can be of any form, blog, video, social media posts, social media stories or anything.

However, the key is to choose the right platform to share the perfect story to engage your target audience.

The Blog page is not a seller but encourages buying

One of the biggest parts of your content strategy is dependent on the blog section. Remember, a lot of traffic used to come through the blog. However, it is on you, “How to utilise your blog?”. You can attach video clips, audio clips, or general text and several other things to the blog page.

However, you must make sure, that your blog should not try to sell the product. Let the work to be done by the product page. Remember that a blog page should aware the visitors about the products or the benefits of the product to the users. It must not ask the person to buy the product. Rather it must answer the query of your customers regarding the product.

According to 30% of the marketers are not getting the right content. This means that when it comes to getting engaged with the customer, they will have the less chance to be with the audiences.

Rich Photographs

When you are designing your content marketing strategy, you must think of an overall strategy. This will include not only textual content but rich photographs too. 76% of marketers share Curated content on social media on a regular basis.

60% of people are visual learners. However, you can incorporate the pictures in the texts also. Such contents can transform the level of your content. A visual data is much engaging and riving than the readable one.

You can present your product in a new way through your products. If you do not understand the right way to present your product through the photograph then you can hire a professional photographer. They can click amazing photographs of your products. These will definitely be visually appealing. So while planning your content strategy for your e-eCommerce website, be sure to have good quality pictures.

Engaging Videos

We all are aware that audiovisual elements are more engaging than any other form of contents. Therefore, visual contents are more appealing than of anything else.

Often people look for “how to use”, “How to do” in the YouTube. You can also see small video ads in the Paid Add campaigns. Therefore, you can be sure of one thing that engaging videos can have traffic for sure. 52% marketers opted for video contents when it comes to ROI.

You can also create videos of the way to use your product. This can be a great way to engage audiences with your content. Further, it will not directly involve with the sales promotion.

Closing the deal

Your content should close the deal. Remember, in e-commerce the main things is to close the deal. It is better to take lessons from the experiences. Content should answer the problem of the visitors. Once they will get the answer they will automatically try to buy the product.

Shopify’s email buy button also makes it simple for your customers to go straight to checkout when you email them an offer they want.

Therefore, while you are making your content strategy, you must put the “call to action”. This will help you to close the deal. But you must not be cheap in your appeal.

Measure, rectify & apply

Content is the king but sadly in numbers of cases, people often neglect the contents. If you also yet not started measuring the performance of the content then it is the time to start to measure it.

Keep a look at the metrics like share, likes, and comments. They may not give you a complete picture but at least can help you to keep the track. They will also help you to understand if there is any fault in the strategy. You can rectify that strategy and further can apply the modified strategy.

Such trial and error method can be a very helpful way.

Final Words:

By now, you know at least one thing that you have to create content, lots of contents. However, the contents have to be of high quality. Quality content can boost your traffic, leads, and sales. The more and regular content you will post, it is better for your e-commerce site.

Take the help of these strategies and I hope that after applying these sales will sure get explode.

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