Do You Want To Improve Google Rank? 5 Instant Tips

Who does not want to be featured on Google? However, despite trying people are not being able to come up on the search engine ranking. Remember that Google will not rank you based on your backlinks or on page SEO but based on what people like. Google algorithm tries to get data from users. But you may ask how? Let me explain.

Suppose your content ranks 5th in the SERP. However, suppose people are clicking your site instead of the first four sites. This will instantly put your site on the top. The question is why? The answer is very simple that people like your content and searching for you. As a result, Google is showing you on the top.

However, this is okay for the sites ranking in the first page but now you may ask the way to come on the first page and the ways Google makes you come on the first page.

Here are 5 instant tips to get the Google ranking

Mobile Friendliness

Do you know that recent stats show 60% searches occurred on the mobile devices? It means mobile friendliness becomes a deciding factor in the search engine ranking. Those websites, which are mobile friendly, have more chance to be on the top. Google loves responsive website designs and if your site is responsive, you have the chance to be on top. However, recently AMP factor is also playing a pivotal role in deciding the Google rankings.

Therefore, if your site is not mobile friendly, go for it right now.

Load Time

Suppose you are clicking a website and the site is taking 10 seconds to open. Will you wait? Generally, you will leave the page. A general trend you can see that Google usually is pushing behind the sites with more load time. However, none can say exactly about the Google algorithm, which works by its own. In addition, it is also true that when people will leave your page or site due to slower load time, Google will take it as bounce rate or inappropriate content, which makes it more difficult for the site to come to the top.

According to a stat, a company making $100,000 per day can lose up to $2.5 million in a year in case, the load time increases by a second.

Therefore, go for improving the page speed, as it will help you to rank better on the search engine.

Bounce Rate

Probably you have heard the word bounce rate. We all know that it is important to lower the bounce rate. However, the way is not clear to us. Before going into details of the bounce rate, let me tell once, what bounce rate is.

Bounce rate is the percentage of the people who leave the site after navigating a single page.

According to the stats the sites, having the bounce rate within 70% is likable to Google. In the case of blogs, 70% bounce rate is good enough but in the case of e-commerce, it must not be more than 39%.

Therefore, you must look into it as per your domain.

Page view per visit

It is always great when people are scrolling through your page. It indicates to Google that people like your content or the things that you are offering. However, that does not mean that you will cut your content in fragment and make people run to read your content.

It can turn the user experience in a nightmare. One must try the visitors to scroll naturally and to stay hooked to the site. However, in the case of blogs, the page view figure per visitor remains around 1.6 but in e-commerce, it is nearly 6.5 pages.

In case you want the visitors to stick to your site, your only winning formula is to create great content. A great content can make your visitor scroll through the site.

Average time spend on site

Do you have adsense approval? If not, then you will surely not want your visitors to leave the site by clicking other links. Therefore, when you are making one stay on your site for long Google understands that people attracting to the sites.

Even few sites keep people up to 5 minutes. However, generally, e-commerce sites can keep the people until 3.5 minutes whereas blogs can mange generally up to 1.83.

However, if you want to make your visitors stay longer, you must focus on the content. If you are having a strong content, people will stay longer on the site.

Final words

In case you want to win the battle with Google, you have to think the way Google Algorithm thinks. You need to understand the objective and then strategise in according. However, you must not leave the standard SEO practices behind. In case you are looking to increase your sales with the best SEO company in Perth, please do contact us.