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Running with the pace of the industry is immensely important. One cannot keep the finger out of the pulse for a long in case of web layouts and thus you need to stay updated with the latest website designing trends. In recent years, the number of responsive website design sites has risen significantly. Mobile search has increased by 60% and thus responsive site design no more is an option but an important need for your business.

Get 100% ROI with the Latest Responsive Web Design

Mobile responsive design restructures the existing content according to the device screen size. A responsive website increases the visibility of the site on the search engines. If your site is not fully responsive, the bounce rate will automatically increase. On the contrary, a consistent experience of a fully responsive site can increase your lead generation, sales, and conversions that can give you 100% ROI.

But, Do having a Responsive Website Design is enough?

Think about your website again

At Liberating Solution, we always strive to stay a step ahead to provide our customers something more. In the last paragraph, we have discussed how responsive website design can help you out. Here are some more stats for you.

  • A survey conducted by BrightEdge states that 69% of the people like to buy from those brands who are having a mobile site.
  • According to Hubspot, 50% searches mobile are for the local business.

 So, you have now understood the need for a responsive website.


“I already have a responsive website”

Obviously, you can have it. But is that generating enough business for you or any business for you? Or do you want to grow more? 

We know that common mobile sites have speed issues, which is a big factor for search engine ranking. Some common errors that we found in an average responsive mobile site are as follows:

  • Blocked JavaScript and cascading style sheets (CSS) files.
  • Failed redirects
  • Poor graphical interfaces
  • Clunky search option
  • Slow loading speeds: above 10 seconds without proper onsite optimisation
  • Need to optimise for touch, as opposed to scroll-and-click interfaces
  • Data visualisations need to be optimised for small screens

You can check your site also or can ask us to do it for you. I am sure in 90% of cases you will find these mentioned issues.

How we tackle this?

Our research and development team are continuously working to provide our clients with the best result. We at liberating solution build responsive designs along with accelerated mobile pages (AMP). AMP gives your site the well-needed boost.

If you are running Adwords then remember even Adwords also employed AMP. AMP with its Fast Fetch tag increases the site speed. You can surely improve the ROI with a fast AMP landing page.

Stats suggest that a site, which takes more than 3 seconds to load on a mobile device, has the chance to lose 53% of potential visitors. AMP allows your site to load faster and guarantees better UX.

Remember Faster is better and AMP makes you fast. According to Google, already 900,000 domains adapted AMP already. More are working on it.

But if you want to remain happy with your old responsive site then it is your choice to stay behind. However, with Liberating Solution we do not let our clients stay behind especially when it comes to the online digital presence.

Now, Why Choose Liberating Solution?

Being in the IT industry for a while, we know the significant role a perfect design can play when it comes to converting your visitors into customers. If you are having a website, which is not responsive, it is nothing but wastage of effort and resource. Mobile friendliness is a deciding factor in optimising the bounce rate ratio. 


Mostly, people are looking for simple, minimalist designs or flat designs. These are in trend for two reasons. Firstly, these are quick loading sites for both desktop and mobile version. Secondly, these sites are perfect for SEO needs. We contrast the bright colours and illustration with the perfect images that makes the design eye-catching.

Remember, that thinking out of the box is the key to survival when it comes to responsive web design. Thus, we also focus on the Broken Grid/Asymmetrical Layouts while designing the responsive website. Using bright colours, different shapes and proper textures make the site more attractive.

We also incorporate video backgrounds and micro animations in our web designs. These functions give intuitive and satisfying experience to the visitors while browsing your site.

We at Liberating Solution do web design and develop the latest responsive website design that suits your both web designing and SEO needs. To know more about website design, please drop us a line.





Best SEO Company,Best Website Design Company,Responsive Website Design,Website Design,Web Development in Perth,Sydney,Melbourne
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Best SEO Company,Best Website Design Company,Responsive Website Design,Website Design,Web Development in Perth,Sydney,Melbourne
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Best SEO Company,Best Website Design Company,Responsive Website Design,Website Design,Web Development in Perth,Sydney,Melbourne
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Best SEO Company,Best Website Design Company,Responsive Website Design,Website Design,Web Development in Perth,Sydney,Melbourne
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